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Intelligent communications platform Firstup introduces Generative AI technology into its product

Generative AI Tools Help Criminals Launch More Sophisticated Attacks CyberArrow (formerly EBDAA) is a consultancy company providing high quality consultancy services in Risk & Compliance and Awareness & Education. Locklizard provides PDF DRM software that protects PDF documents from unauthorized access and misuse. If you like this website and use the comprehensive 6,500-plus service supplier […]

Regulating ChatGPT and Other Large Generative AI Models Oxford Law Blogs

AI & Automation ChatGPT: friend or foe? For instance, in chatbots, generative AI models can be used to generate responses that are more human-like and contextually appropriate for different user inputs. These models can be trained on large amounts of conversation data to learn patterns of language use and to generate responses that are more […]